Tri Hita Karana x Jangle Nozstock Promo

Tri Hita Karana Trailer and Premiere from Thom Buttery PRYMEDIA on Vimeo.

We thought it best to post the Tri Hita Karana trailer again ahead of this weeks performance at Nozstock. This version gives an insight to the live performance though footage captured at the premier launch night of the documentary a couple of months ago.

The musicians performing to the film and animations are Mark Thompson & Ben Garman two members from the impressive Jangle Live outfit, if you know nothing of them then check them out here Jangle. As well as magical performances as a live band, bass, keyboard player and band organiser Mark Thompson produces digitally under the same guise.

Mark released as free EP eariler last year and it’s soooo good we thought we’d better share it with you! Click the artwork for the download.

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One response to “Tri Hita Karana x Jangle Nozstock Promo

  1. Have a feeling this might be the best doc I’ve seen at a festy since Heima. It looks awesome, can’t wait!

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