Beat It! Italian Glitch-Hop And Beyond

We can think of no better way to mark the recent departure of Berlusconi than with yesterday’s release of the aptly titled BEAT.IT, a superb new compilation from Italy.  BEAT.IT: This Is Not A Revival brings together sixteen producers from the Italian underground in a glitch-laden collection of tracks ranging, as they put it, “from funk to abstract”.

As we all know Bass Music is a global force nowadays, with the latest hot producer being just as likely to hail from Lithuania or Norway as from the UK or The States, and this is undeniably a great thing.  But it can often mean that while we might celebrate the individual artists, we learn very little about the local or national scenes in which they operate.  BEAT.IT serves as a nice little antidote to this problem, providing a great window into the current Italian Abstract-Beat scene (via London, Sydney and California!) and, aside from Bass Science and Railster, we hadn’t come across any of the featured producers before their appearance on this record.

Although coordinated by just one man – Andrea ‘Railster‘ Uliana – the release involves so many labels/club nights/crews etc that I”ll let them give the list themselves! – “The project is a collaboration of Error Broadcast, Made in Glitch and ReddArmy, with the support of Get Beat, Homework Records, Il Vinilificio, Laid Back, Overknights, PTW School, Sentire Ascoltare, Snob Production and Snowy Peach.”

BEAT.IT is available for free from their website, where you will also find profiles and links for all the contributing artists.  We’ve picked out a couple of our favourite tunes as a preview below.

Railster – Andromeda 

Manuele Atzeni – Bum! Clack! 

ContaineR – Quack Methods

We thought we’d also compliment this album with a bonus download – Railster’s remix of the title track from Brighton resident Brotto‘s Grassland EP, released back in April.

Brotto – Grasslands (Railster Rmx)


The Grassland EP is itself another superb freebie, out now on fledgling label teaandcakerecords, and is available here along with the remix pack that we nabbed this Railster version from.  We expect big things from both of these guys – firstly teaandcakerecords who, as well as some intriguing early label releases, also have a monthly show on Space Invader Radio that’s well worth tuning into (listen to the archive here) – and secondly Brotto, who’s great new EP Homegrown Treehouse came out on Noise Cube Records a fortnight ago.  Be sure to hunt them both down once you’ve soaked up all this Italian Glitch.

Godere della musica!

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3 responses to “Beat It! Italian Glitch-Hop And Beyond

  1. Nice! Looking forward to a listen of this! Cheers!

  2. If my net were quick enough to download files this big. I’d so listen to this.

  3. POST UPDATE: Railster has now put together a mix of the whole BEAT.IT album (plus a couple of bonus tracks) for Laid Back Radio >>

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