Playing Away and On Repeat – Adulterer

It’s been a while since a great tune has come along without an accompanying stream of self-promotion, but we really can’t tell you anything about Adulterer.  This track appeared two weeks ago with almost zero web presence – few Soundcloud followers and no Facebook likes.  Eerie eh?  Whatever the deal is (talented newcomer? established producer under a new name?) we think ‘Vicious Truths’ is superb!

Adulterer – Vicious Truths


The vocal hook and all-round vibe is very reminiscent of Joy O’s huge (but as yet still unreleased) tune ‘Source Delight‘, which is a perfect excuse to also point you in the direction of this 1996 Dutch documentary on the Jungle Scene, from which Joy O sampled the track’s memorable vocal “We just used to like….do our own thing, we just used to like…

we just used to like, do our own thing…
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One response to “Playing Away and On Repeat – Adulterer

  1. I used to live in Hertfordshire :) – yeah great tune!

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