Catch Of The Week – Response [Outer Space Hoes Anthem]

17 year old Californian newcomer Poor Sport (Harley Harris, pictured above) and his long-time friend and studio sparring-partner Loadr have really grabbed our attention with this fresh and alluring take on modern sideways club music.

‘Response’ begins by laying down a raw percussive flex that wouldn’t sound out of place on a release from London’s trail-blazing Night Slugs (or perhaps more appropriately their US sister-label, Kingdom‘s Fade To Mind).  But no sooner has the tough, skeletal beat taken hold than it suddenly kicks off it’s shoes and reclines into a bed of blissful Cali vibes, with breezy pads and a mellow hip-hop chant feeling unexpectedly at home alongside the sparse rhythm.

It is a refreshingly thoughtful sound for such young producers, but maybe this should come as no surprise when you learn that the pair have been making music and sharing their creations with one another since the age of 14.  While Loadr’s recent solo output oozes confident hazy hip-hop charm, Poor Sport has channelled these early years of making what he calls “lots of sample based hip-hop and some weird bloopy dance music” into a sound that evades easy categorisation.  He blends styles from both sides of the Atlantic in a way which is beginning to feel increasingly natural as 2011 draws to a close – will 2012 be the year the US/UK Bass Hybrid finally conquers the world?! We certainly hope so!

Poor Sport & Loadr – Response


It’s also worth mentioning that Poor Sport and Loadr are part of a wider group of friends and producers operating under the collective banner of ‘3800’ (their beloved Fresno city block) who, although still in relative musical infancy, show a lot of creative promise.  Other 38-er’s to check out include Juander38 and ATM,  and from what we’ve seen so far we suspect you’ll be hearing more from Poor Sport and friends in the future!

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