Catch Of The Week – ‘Virginity’ (Skanky’s 3vybz Remix)

MAD, MAD, MAD!  That just about sums this COTW up! …but more on that in a moment.  Firstly, we hope you all enjoyed the festive period and had as much fun as we did!  Hope the lack of posts wasn’t too painful!? …although I’m sure you all had plenty more important things going on, like perhaps being constantly drunk!?  I must admit this track was posted two weeks ago today, but after a busy Christmas and the sheer genius of this tune I hope you’ll forgive me for making it a catch this week.

So, why is this all so MAD?  Well, to be honest we love remixes of anything Vybz Kartel and this has got to be one of the best!  North London producer Skanky has been getting a lot of attention of late and if you’re not familiar yet, then keep ‘em peeled over the next year or two cos we’re certain this boy will be BIG!  I say boy, because he’s a mere 17 years old.  He released his first EP at 16 years old, last April on Marco Del Horno’sBullet Train Records‘, and a few months ago in August he released the awesome ‘Blind Spot‘ EP on ‘Templar Sound‘.  If you’ve not picked this up yet then head over to Boomkat for the digital download.  It’s a unique five track EP (three originals and two remixes from LOL Boy’s and Visionist) of deep, 808 rollers and R&B infused vocal delays, of which the track ‘Breach’ is our firm favourite.

His Vybz remix is nothing other than pure brilliance, a perfect example of having no fear at going head-first into an idea.  It’s sometimes too easy to play it safe whilst writing a track and to think too much about what other people might think, I know I do.  Even though it’s a little rough around the edges we believe it will do exactly as intended, and that’s to make people look up and take notice, especially on the drops!  Personally, I find it difficult to even contemplate remixing ‘Virginity’ in such a contrasting style – well executed Skanky!  Grab it below and be sure to hit his Soundcloud page up.

Vybz Kartel – Virginity (Skanky’s 3vybz Remix)


To top it all off, the supporting YouTube video features two fairly large Cats doing quite strange things whilst harbouring the most hilarious expressions – again, sheer brilliance.  Check it below!

2 responses to “Catch Of The Week – ‘Virginity’ (Skanky’s 3vybz Remix)

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  2. that switch at 1:26 is just too good!

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