Jack to Juke to Celluloid

You know when you’ve got an hour to kill and you end up spending it watching videos of cats/people/people and cats together/babies (no, they don’t count as people yet!) doing stupid things? Well, carry on – because this film is more than just a way to pass a few vacant minutes – you need to make time for this one!

From Jack To Juke: 25 Years Of Ghetto House is an outstanding new documentary from Chicago director Sonali Aggarwal chronicling, as she puts it herself, “the birth and evolution of a genre over 25 years“.  We’ve struggled to find much info (if any at all to be honest!) on Sonali Aggarwal, but what we do know is that when you’re done watching this, you then need to see her 2009 film Whatever Happened To Hip Hop, another superbly researched and crafted insight into a global musical phenomenon.  Both films feature interviews with many of the genres’ pioneers, sound-tracked by some of the greatest music to ever grace our Soundsystems.


From Jack To Juke: 25 Years Of Ghetto House

Also, as a little added bonus we thought we’d better hunt out an mp3 of some fresh Juke to accompany this film, and it doesn’t come much fresher or more appropriate than this – a little over 2 hours old as I write this, Round Of A Juke from Bensenville’s DJ Diablito is a perfectly executed slice of ‘trademark’ Juke.  As global interest in the genre leads to evermore experimental and amalgamous mutations on the sound, I think it’s fair to say that this tune is a slice of pure, unadulterated Juke vibes.

DJ Diablito – Round of a Juke


juke juke juke it, juke juke, ju-juke it!

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