Catch Of The Week – ‘Olivia’ (NKC Remix)

This weeks  COTW is a rather special affair as we welcome DJ and Producer Jake Colvin (aka. NKC) into the Dub Bait family of contributors, along with the give-away of his stunning remix of Maribu State‘s track ‘Oliviafrom their exceptional new 2 track E.P. released on Fat! Records earlier this month – You must check it out!

Hotfooting it through the ranks of the UK Funky, Garage & UK Bass crossover scenes, NKC has been attracting attention all over the shop recently.  Producers/DJ’s such as Brackles, Lil Silva & Shadow Dancer have all played his tracks and he’s received a stream of recent air play, including on the influential Rinse FM.  Furthermore his hyper mad track ‘Err’thing’ is soon to drop on the likeminded Senseless Records, along with an April E.P. release of the tracks ‘Fading Floor‘ and ‘Shockout‘ on Awkward Movements.

We wish NKC all the best with his forthcoming output, we look forward to his contribution to Dub Bait and in the meantime you all should check out his two previous releases on the Awkward Movements and Forefront labels.

Onto the track now, and we really can’t emphasise how much we love this one.  As a big fan of Maribou State‘s style I could be easily offended by attempts to ‘large up’ this type of laid-back track, but NKC nails it in such effortless way.  Carnival Marimbas, chopped horn stabs, sampled vocals and a thumping handclap beat, go for making the perfect progressive and intense introductory riser.  The track then drops beautifully into a chopped garage vocal hook that echoes the horns before it, coupled with the airy detuning siren that gives the break a tonne of space to breathe, whilst the whole time retaining an awesome power that just makes you want to go wild.  I can see a lot of finger pointing and faces being pulled to this one! Enjoy.

Maribou State – Olivia (NKC Remix)


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3 responses to “Catch Of The Week – ‘Olivia’ (NKC Remix)

  1. Go Jake GO

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