Catch Of The Week – Whatchu Want2

It’s Catch time again and we’ve got a neat slice of Juke for you this week, courtesy of Antipodean beatsmith Dookz.

Switching from mellow chords to cold synth to warm flooded juke kicks and back again, with a catchy vocal hook chopping and looping throughout, this 808 driven dubstep-infused track ticks all the boxes for me.  It’s a really nice example of the slightly different Juke we’ve been hearing more and more of recently – ever since the recent surge of interest in the genre, a new wave of international producers are adding their own slant to the sound of Chicago, and Dookz is on fire at the moment with a string of recent tracks bringing all sorts of different sounds and influences to the table.

Dookz – Whatchu Want2


Residing in Canberra Australian, Dookz aka Jay Dred also makes slower ‘future bass’ under his other musical alias Sp3ktre.  Just as 808 led as his Dookz productions, the sound of Sp3ktre is also well worth a listen – he’s got a very smart take on 130/140 bass music – a lot of the sounds and samples might be familiar, but the beat is all his own!  Check out recent track ‘Pop A Few Pills’ below as a taster.

Sp3ktre – Pop a Few Pills

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One response to “Catch Of The Week – Whatchu Want2

  1. hot dam! some cold ish right here

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