Pull It TV and the Future of Funky

As anyone who has grabbed a free copy of my flip of Maribou State’s Olivia can probably tell, I’m into the grimier side of UK Funky. As such I thought it’d be right to point everyone in the direction of Pull It TV, a new video-interview series that has been showcasing an emerging crop of UK Funky producers who specialise in energetic dancefloor tracks.

Each well-edited video focuses on one producer/DJ, interspersing interview footage with clips of guest mixes on Nasty FM, Marcus Nasty’s Essex-based pirate station. The showcases promote the bashy underground of UK Funky: the sounds of DJ Spookz and Formula Musiq pull together the raw force of old Jungle with punchy drum-programming; Mr P and 86Baby lean closer to tribal house with a Grimey edge.

Watch the DJ Spookz video here:

If you’re feeling the Jungle-Funky crossover,  check The Living Graham Bond’s heavyweight remix of Origin Unknown’s Jungle classic Valley of The Shadows, given away free on his soundcloud and downloadable below:


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3 responses to “Pull It TV and the Future of Funky

  1. Ace! Any chance of some links for his top 3 producers from the vid? Only one I know is Woz.

  2. Razzlerman recently released an EP which is available on iTunes, best tracks for me are Lip Plate and this:

    He also dropped a free EP with LR Groove as Tribal Brothers which is worth a look: http://ukfunky.net/2011/12/lr-groove-razzler-man-aka-tribal-brothers/

    Jook 10’s tracks are only available on Junodownload, a lot of them are like breaks crossed with funky, my favourites are Cash In and this:

    Check Jook 10 and Sunday Roast’s mix for Marcus Nasty’s label We R Bass, basically jump up dnb at funky tempo, can get a bit repetitive but a few of these are sick: http://soundcloud.com/jook10/werbass-guest-mix-rinsefm

  3. Thanks for the info! That’s certainly pointed me in the right direction ;)

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