The Birth Of Scuff

A quick little heads-up for you here.  We’ve had an eye on Aussie Footworkers B.O.O.M.A ever since stumbling across and subsequently caning THIS and THIS.  Well, earlier today they put out a gem of a free EP from Lex Origins (founder of the B.O.O.M.A collective) which deviates so far from their previous Juke template they’ve launched a new genre – and yes, I know we’re saturated with genres and sub-genres nowadays, but I really like where they’re going with this one!

Dubbed ‘Scuff’ – or ‘Footdrag’ – it’s prime atmospheric late-night space music, which they describe as “a clearly defined genre that sits at 96BPM [and] involves the use of Ambient Pads, Vocal Samples and Sidechained Reverb. It is minimal.. Its drum patterns are inspired by the triplet kick drums of Footwork music (hence fast hihats and rimshots are also used)”.  Imagine a drum machine dosed up on Codeine, or a Footwork battle mid K-Hole.  Maybe.

B.O.O.M.A’s main cohort in the Scuff movement is fellow Aussie the Juke Of Edinburgh, who last year gave us THIS intense slice of Grotty Juke.  Grab the EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD of his track ‘Futurescuff’ below, and then head over to the brand new Scuff Soundcloud Group where you’ll find more of his fresh Footdrag productions.

Juke Of Edinburgh – Futurescuff


And finally, B.O.O.M.A’s Patches has just put together the Scuffed ‘N’ Screwed Tape, a unique mix of slowed down Footwork and Scuff – click on the image below to listen.

Footdrag Footdrag Footdrag Foot…F-F-Footdrag Footdrag Foot dragfoot!!

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2 responses to “The Birth Of Scuff

  1. Shit is on the chain.

  2. POST UPDATE: more footdrag mixtape goodness! Patches has now put out ‘Scuffed n Screwed Tape 2′ >>>

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