Juketopus – Footworkin’ With 8 Legs

Dominican producer Moduloctopus regularly dips in and out of dance genres (and usually with great results) and his latest project Juketopus – a jazzy, soulful experiment in Juke –  is possibly his best yet.

From ‘Juke The Sunshine’ (a crisp, seasonally-apt reworking of that Roy Ayers classic, featuring some beautifully judged live Sax from Mario Castro), right through to the bouncy, dubby glitch-infused ‘Afuego Limpio’, Juketopus is a mellow, thoughtful record that brings just the right juke vibe for the time of year.  At times jazzy, eastern, jungly, soulful, spacey, and all held together by a very natural 808 flow, the release features contributions from BLUM, Myss Ripley, Craig Hill, Austin Stone, Matt Mauldin and the aforementioned Mario Castro. It’s a stunning EP in places, and I can see myself playing a couple of these as standard over the summer!

Listen in the player below, and download here.  It’s a ‘name your price‘, so you can have it for free if you like, but surely you wanna buy the man a drink for his troubles!  

P.S.  As a little extra, here’s a copy of Moduloktopus’s recent gem ‘Boarding To Planes’. Trust me, the drums at 2:24 are worth it alone.

Moduloktopus – Boarding To Planes


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