Belly Full O’Footwork

You can say what you want about Footwork being made outside of Chicago, but this right here is a collection of some incredible tracks that might never have been dreamt up without the global discovery of the genre, and if “it just aint footwork tho” then it just isn’t footwork, whatever.  Just call it something else if you like – it’s still great music!

Out yesterday on DUBPORN Records, Belly: A Footwork Compilation is a stunning 17 track release featuring several of our favourite producers (Side9000, Noms, Juke Ellington, Elefo, KidLogic), plus plenty who are new to us.  Billed as the ‘Belly footwork soundtrack’ that never was, this collection is rammed to the hilt with brilliant cosmic juke sounds.  It’s so good in fact, that part of me wanted to tell no-one and keep them all to myself!

Stream some sample tracks below and then DOWNLOAD THE FULL RELEASE HERE

Nadus – Love Don’t Live Here

Juke Ellington – Tell Me What You Need Bitch

Noms – M.I.A.

Deejay Curt – Fye Dat Shit Up

Skeugh – Unphazed Taze

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