Seapoint’s ‘Nautical Day’ Out Now On B.YRSLF

Hot on the heels of Bombé‘s excellent freebie ‘Eclipse‘, B.YRSLF Division have released the latest EP to join their increasingly formidable back catalogue.  Out yesterday, ‘Nautical Day’ by Seapoint is an engaging blend of Hip-Hop, Dubstep and House aesthetics all woven together by some inspired drum programming and insanely catchy vocal hooks.

This year has been a stormer for B.YRSLF, with a procession of hot EP’s from the likes of BD1982, Obey City and Artek topped off by the well received showcase compilation ‘Summer Crisis‘, and this latest release – the label début for 24 year old Seapoint (Rafael Bucio) – more than maintains their usual standards. Inspired by a love for “SepalcureHoly OtherTroy GunnerJoy Orbison…and Hip-Hop”, the Mexican-born Montreal resident has a sound that isn’t easy to categorize.  At times calling on, as B.Y.D themselves put it, “soothing Rhodes piano chord progressions…harsher basslines…chopped up vocals and soulful elements“, ‘Nautical Day’ is simply a glorious chunk of electronica.  From the 90’s House vibes of ‘Cyanotype Cities’ and the glowing dubsteppy shuffle of ‘Row Land’ through to the glitchy sub-aquatic Rn’B of ‘Unknown Ruins’, Seapoint has crafted a collection of tracks destined for repeat plays in the club and bedroom alike.

What’s more, to accompany the release B.YRSLF are also giving away the bonus track ‘Omega Falls’, another crisp cut of future bass available free from the player below

If ‘Nautical Day’ leaves you craving more Seapoint (and it will!) then you could do a lot worse than grabbing a copy of Montreal label Infinite Machine‘s recent 1st Anniversary comp, where you will find his excellent ‘Echo Nights’ alongside many other great tunes, including a gem from B.YRSLF label-mate Admin. Much like B.YRSLF’s ‘Summer Crisis’, this is a great compilation showcasing the wealth of talent to be found on the Canadian Imprint.  And of course once you’ve absorbed all this new music don’t forget to visit Seapoint’s soundcloud and facebook pages for more great tracks and news on future releases.

‘Nautical Day’ is out now.  Stream and Buy below


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