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World Wide Juke Bring Free Trax Heaven

A quick heads-up for you here – tomorrow see’s the first instalment of what promises to be a great new series of footwork releases.  This is the debut offering from World Wide Juke, who tell us to “expect a series of weekly free EPs with the best Juke tracks from different continents, countries and cities!“.  With Volume.1 featuring pure fire from the likes of Elefo, Traxman, Side9000 and Dabblr (and with the accompanying Juke Ellington mix giving a glimpse of things to come) we’re already excited about volume.2!

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Belly Full O’Footwork

You can say what you want about Footwork being made outside of Chicago, but this right here is a collection of some incredible tracks that might never have been dreamt up without the global discovery of the genre, and if “it just aint footwork tho” then it just isn’t footwork, whatever.  Just call it something else if you like – it’s still great music!

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