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DBM 003 – Stumbleine

This week sees the third release in the Dub Bait Mix Series float gently into our post-timeline, as we kick back with the super chilled sounds of Stumbleine.

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Swarms & Springstan 2011


A lovely little tune here from the enchanting Swarms, set to footage from Springstan Festival 2011. Swarms and Springstan are both local to us and Dub Bait was very heavily involved in Springstan, last year inparticular. If you know nothing of it, it’s probably best discribed as a micro festival, as it brings with it everything a usual festival might but just on a much smaller level and for a better word for it, a more intimate one.

Alongside artists like Swarms were a whole host of DJ’s and producers hailing from mainly Hereford and Cardiff gracing the small Eardisley field with their own very individual takes on modern dance music. Artists included C.R.S.T, Plaebac, Shanti Bass Allstars, Jorge Oscar, Warcharm, Larsey & Tenz.

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Back to Swarms and 2011 is looking like a good year for the trio with their recent 2011 May release of their album ‘Old Raves End’ on the fantastic Lo Dubs Label, always a favourite label of ours. Keep an eye out for them, we think they’ll get some big rep throughout the year ahead and we wish them all the best. Heres another of our favourites from the guys. Ohh.. and the video was crafted by Sam Swarms, showing that he doesn’t only just make good tunes.